LinDA Hackathon

The “Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs” Workshop & Hackathon 2015 is organised in the context of LinDA ( FP7 research project. During the last two years of its implementation, we have developed the LinDA workbench, a complete toolsuite for SMEs to manipulate linked data simply, while boosting the data management to higher levels of competitiveness, through advanced analytics and visualizations.

The purpose of the Workshop & Hackathon is to explore and showcase the added value of Open and Linked Data for the business sector, in terms of effort and cost reductions, new business values introduction and increase in efficiency and flexibility of data-driven SMEs. The presentation of the project’s results, in issues pertaining to healthcare, energy and media industries, will lay the foundations for deliberation among representatives of SMEs, entrepreneurial groups, public entities, NGO members, data analysts and researchers.

The event is comprised of two sections; the Workshop (10:00 – 14:30), where business representatives will have the chance to discuss, over real-life scenarios, the opportunities and challenges of the exploitation of linked data tools and their impact on business operations, and the Hackathon (10:00 – 17:00), where developers will work together towards utilizing the LinDA workbench to develop proof-of-concept applications.

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