LinDA Workbench

All LinDA tools in a box

LinDA Workbench is a complete open-source package of Enterprise Linked Data tools to quickly map and publish your data in the Linked Data Format, interlink them with other public or private data, analyze them and create visualizations.
Consists of the LinDA Transformation engine, a lightweight transformation to linked data tool, the LinDA Vocabulary repository for increasing the semantic interoperability for your data, the LinDA RDF2Any , a tool for converting RDF to conventional data structures in order to be used by legacy applications, the LinDA Query Builder and Query designer to easily navigate and query your data, the LinDA visualization to perform smart visualizations on linked data out-of-the box and the LinDA Analytics package for running analytic processes against your data.
LinDA enables enterprises to lower the learning curve of semantic technologies and harvest the potential of Linked Data in an intuitive and cost-effective manner.
Please note: The password for the virtual box ubuntu OS is “linda”

Transformation Engine

Transform data into RDF in a few, simple steps. Suitable for non-experts

By using LinDA Transformation engine, users can publish their data as linked data in a few, simple steps. Simply connect to your database, select the data table you want and make your mappings to popular and standardized vocabularies. LinDA assists even more by providing automatic suggestions to the mapping through its Suggest API.

Query Designer

Creating linked data queries was never easier

LinDA Query Designer can be used to create simple or complex linked data queries in a drag-n-drop manner, similar to SQL Query Designers of relational database management systems.With LinDA Query Designer you can create complex queries, join multiple data sources and apply advanced filters with a few clicks. The user selects one (or more) sparql endpoints / stored rdf and the LINDA Query Designer auto-detects the available classes classes and object properties.


Visualize your linked data

LinDA Visualization and Analytic engines can help enterprise users gain insight from the linked data that the company generates. In simple terms…visualizing data in linked data format taking into advantage their semantics


Analyze your linked data

LinDA Analytics tool enables the execution of conventional analytic processes (e.g.regression, clustering, forecasting) against linked data. Select and execute an analytic processes against a specific SPARQL query, through user-friendly interfaces with pre-configured parameters for specific algorithms.Integration of Weka and R analytic algorithms. Support for J48, M5P, Apriori, LinearRegression, Arima,Morans I, Kriging, NCF correlogram, ClustersNumber, *Kmeans, Ward Hierarchical Agglomerative, Model Based Clustering, LinearRegression in R algorithms

Vocabulary Repository

Enhance the interoperability of your data

LinDA contains an online browser and an API for storing and accessing popular and standardized Linked Data Vocabularies.The repository synchronizes with well-established vocabulary catalogues (LOV,, LODStats) and allows enrichment with comments and rating from users. All rest of LinDA tools depend on the vocabulary repository.

Publication & Consumption

LinDA Consumption Components

The RDF2Any converter and QueryBuilder aim enabling users to explore open RDF data and reuse it easily. The RDF2Any converter provides REST APIs which will eventually allow any developer to convert/serialize RDF datasets to the format they desire. The conversion still requires the users to have a knowledge of SPARQL to retrieve the dataset. So, for users who do not have a knowledge on SPARQL, a QueryBuilder has been built to assist them in constructing a Query.