Linked Data Analytics in the Media Industry

Data Sources:
Journalism data (news, articles, social media content, photos), Governmental data (budget, finance, public services), National and International Statistics

TTNEWS24 is a regional TV broadcaster located in NorthWestern Tuscany, owning Channel 672 of Italy’s new digital broadcasting system. The company mission is to report about the daily events of the targeted territory. Moreover it broadcasts special journalistic services of thematic relevance, live political debates and an exclusive collection of the main sports events of the day in the territory. The purpose of this pilot is to demonstrate the potential of the LinDA renovation and consumption tools in the Media industry, as well as setup an initial library of visualisation and exploration applications created for serving TTNEWS24 journalistic services and to be shared through the LinDA ecosystem. SMEs from the media domain will directly benefit from the exploration and interlinking of the relevant data sources governmental data, news feeds, statistics) since the discovery, cleansing and interlinking is a vital part of their daily operations (data-driven journalism, investigative journalism, political news, financial news articles about transparency / scandals, etc.). PIKS will support TTNEWS24 in the employment of LinDA solutions and by enriching and sharing the library of developed visualisation and analytics applications of the LinDA ecosystem to the European media industry through its wide network of business partners (broadcasters, advertising agencies and media groups).