The LinDA InnovAthens workshop was successfully held on November, 20, 2015 in Athens!
The purpose of the workshop was to explore and showcase the added value of Open and Linked Data for the business sector, by bring together SMEs across various operational domains and exchanging ideas and experiences of using them in real life. Approximately, 39 participants had attended the event, out of the 61 that have been registerd. After a short presentation of the LinDA project concepts and values, a small introduction concerning the three pilot cases of the project was made, by presenting the OTC scenario, the challenges and the values identified for the business intelligence sector. Next, the LinDA Workbech was demonstrated, so as the workshop participants get more familiar with the implemented tools and their capabilities. After that, seven in total SMEs, organisations and projects, had reported their experience of their interaction and in some cases incorporation of the linked data to their business, from their point of view. Scenarios presented, expand in various sectors such as: hospitality, agriculture, investigative journalism, digital libraries, etc. Furthermore, all participants had the change to discuss with each other potential partnerships, e.g. with YourDataStories project and the Hellenic Academic Libraries, as well as to fill in a questionnaire for the LinDA evaluation process. Overall, it was quit an interesting workshop that has given valuable insights for the linked data usage within different operational domains.