LinDA Visualization and Exploration

LinDA Visualization and Analytic engines can help enterprise users gain insight from the linked data that the company generates. In simple terms…visualizing data in linked data format taking into advantage their semantics


  • A wizard-based workflow for visualizing data in linked data format
  • Data selection step -The user starts with exploring datasets and selecting the data he/she intends to visualize.
  • Visualization selection: Based on the content and format of the data and the semantic descriptions of the available visualizations, a ranking of possible *visualizations is computed and presented to the user
  • Support for Map, Bubble, Area, Line, Pie, Scatter Chart
  • Drag and drop available properties to Horizontal Axis, Vertical Axis, Series
  • Save Visualization Configuration
  • List of saved visualization configurations
  • Change the layout of the visualization for instance by adding labels for axes or increasing the number of grid lines
  • Maximize visualization window
  • Export visualization to SVG and PNG
  • Automatically configure visualization chart based on the data type (XSD:decimal) of the selected dataset columns / properties
  • Automatically recommend visualization chart type based on selected RDF properties (e.g. detect log and lat in RDF and suggest the Map Chart)
  • Automatically configuration of visualization chart based on RDF properties (e.g. detect longitute and latitute and automatically set them as coordinates in a map chart)
  • Ability to embed visualization on a website
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