Business intelligenceLinDA platform could definitely facilitate the daily procedures of an SME operating in business intelligence domain, where high quality consultation services are provided to multinational clients, operated across different sectors, such us telecoms, health, energy, spirits, etc. The ultimate goal here is to safeguard client’s reputation and agenda realization, to calculate the operational risk management and finally to support the whole decision-making process concerning client’s communications strategy.

To this end LinDA could support and take the burden of challenging, daily procedures like monitoring, collecting, homogenizing, analyzing and interlinking intelligence elements and key updates between socioeconomic environment and sector-specific initiatives, where the correlation and combination of the private and public sector information could be proven extremely helpful if not vital for the situation review, position development and the action planning for each client. Moreover, crucial analytics like (a) trends on economical and political information, (b) estimations of the correlation among the examined variables, or (c) linear regression and predictive analysis could be visualised through user friendly UI for gaining a better understanding and insights of the trends and the parameters that could affect client’s agenda, and thus advising the client to take the proper actions into that direction.

A tool like LinDA could greatly benefit an SME providing consultation services, in reducing its operational costs and efforts, providing enhanced services and outstanding, in real time analysis of critical information, in order to act rapidly to emergency situations and automating knotty business workflows.