Linked Data Analytics in the Environmental Sector

Data Sources:
Hydrogeological data, Meteorological data, Emissions data, Geographical data

HYPERBOREA is a SME that operates since 1995 in the Italian ICT domain with a long time experience concerning the application of ICT technologies to environmental sector matters. Its expertise is focused on the production of solutions for the management of environmental data, ensuring the simplification of Regional Environmental Information System processes. HYPERBOREA works with Italian Regions like Toscana for publishing their environmental and other public data as open data. The majority of the Public sector environmental data are available in a wide range of different data structures and formats, thus making comparative and link analysis a demanding task in terms of time, complexity and cost.

The objective of this pilot is to utilise the LinDA solutions for the efficient management and analysis of the Italian Regions Environmental data. Data available in the existing data gov initiatives and repositories will be transformed in the Linked Data format, not only at their discovery metadata layer (e.g. CKAN metadata fields) but more importantly in the domainspecific layer. The LinDA Vocabulary and Metadata repository will be enriched with the relevant vocabularies (e.g. GEMET, UMTHES, EARTh, EUNIS) in order to allow the meaningful interlinking and analysis of datasets by citizens and enterprises through the LinDA visualisation and exploration suite. In the context of the pilot the LinDA Publication and Consumption framework will be employed to the information systems of the selected Italian Regions in order to explore, share and bind together new data visualisations for the local environmental data. UBITECH will support HYPERBOREA for the adoption and deployment of the LinDA solutions as well as the enrichment of the LinDA visualisation applications library for the domain of environmental data.