The CAPSELLA Project, launched on January 1th 2016 under Horizon 2020, will establish a Collective Awareness Platform for Environmentally-sound Land Management based on Data Technologies and Agrobiodiversity.

CAPSELLA is organizing its first workshop, on 30-31 May 2016 in Volterra (Pisa), Italy, aiming at bringing together Northern and Southern EU farmers to collect and understand their ICT needs and requirements. The event will try to answer and provide solutions to them, exchange best practices and use cases and pave the way to exchange knowledge and future collaborations around the theme of agrobiodiversity.

Focus groups moderated by a facilitator will ensure a concrete exchange of opinions, knowledge and experiences, the effective collection of requirements by the networks and communities involved, and awareness raising on the importance of collecting and sharing open data and knowledge on agrobiodiversity, the benefits of co-designing ICT tools and of new products such as a cloud platform delivered by the CAPSELLA consortium at the end of the project.

LinDA will participate to the workshop, discussing the common points between the projects.

The agenda is available on the CAPSELLA website (