Linked Data Analytics in Business Intelligence

Data Sources:
Regulatory (framework, trends, developments),Economic (macroeconomic, geopolitical, household), Political (geopolitical, party, transnational), Market data

This pilot will be implemented by CRITICAL PUBLICS, a network of business intelligence management consultants comprehensively drafting and implementing international solutions. CRITICAL PUBLICS operates in to a wide range of decision support actions including mapping & monitoring, market analysis, root-cause analysis, situation review & outlook assessment, innovation & issues watch and actionable
business intelligence systems. The success of these business activities heavily relies on the proficient discovery, preparation, analysis and maintenance of massive amounts of public and private data. CRITICAL PUBLICS systematically gathers and transforms robust, substantiated open data information from about 5,000 public sources monitored daily using 500 research tools into richly-integrated strategies and business planning.

The main objective of this pilot is to demonstrate innovative and gainful business intelligence-based consulting to customers and strategy planning through the LinDA transformation and analytic tools. The pilot will begin with a real case consulting assignment and initial problem statement and data collection. Through the LinDA Transformation engine, both relevant public sector data and private data silos (information about the industry, market, political conditions, legal frameworks and financial data) will be renovated into linked data format by utilizing LinDA Vocabularies and Metadata standards repository for the mapping process. Thereafter, analysis methods of the available data will be followed that provide real-time, dynamic output and embrace the linked data paradigm (pattern and link analysis, business intelligence information mash-ups) through the LinDA visualisation and exploration suite that will lead to
the final consulting report to the customer. The RDF2Any interfaces will be employed for the re-use of current software components and packages used by CRITICAL PUBLICS. This pilot will evaluate the added-value of the LinDA suite to the daily operations of business intelligence / management consultant SMEs, as well as the overall importance and impact of Linked Data analytics in this business sector