LinDA: Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs Athens Workshop & Hackathon 2015

The “Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs” Workshop & Hackathon 2015 is organised in the context of LinDA ( FP7 research project. During the last two years of its implementation, we have developed the LinDA workbench, a complete toolsuite for SMEs to manipulate linked data simply, while boosting the data management to higher levels of […]

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Forum Europeo Digitale & HD Forum Italia

The LinDA project has been presented at two recent events focused on digital media, television and open data: Forum Europeo Digitale, held on June, 11-12, 2015 in Lucca, Italy, and HD Forum Italia, held on April, 24-25 in San Marino. The project results achieved have been illustrated by Marco Frigerio (Piksel) to the invited SMEs.

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LinDA project – First year results!

The results of the 1st year of development of the project LinDA have been successfully demonstrated during the periodic project review on 29/1 at the European Commission in Luxembourg. Among these, the first release of the LinDA workbench which is now ready for deployment into the LinDA Pilots. In the next few months, we will make progressively […]

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SDI4APPS and LinDA Code Camp

The project SDI4APPS is hosting a Code Camp from 1st to 3rd December 2014 in Brno, and the LinDA project has been invited to take part and show the results achieved to the invited SMEs. The Code Camp is an excellent  opportunity to “Demonstrate the feasibility and impact of the LinDA approach to the European […]

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LinDA workshop at eChallenges 2014

A new LinDA workshop took place at the eChallenges e-2014 Conference hold in Belfast, Northern lreland, on 29/30 October, 2014. The goals of eChallenges e-2014 are to promote ICT Entrepreneurship and Innovation, facilitate Information Society and Applied ICT related knowledge sharing between government, industry and research stakeholders, raise awareness of the current state of eAdoption […]

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38th Conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology

Home of the XXXVIII Congresso dell’Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia

LinDA participated to the “XXXVIII Congresso dell’Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia” held in Naples on 5-7 November. The conference focus was the role of epidemiology in improving the planning,management and evaluation of the prevention programs to support the citizen’s wellbeing. LinDA contributed with a poster “Linked Data Analytics for the Identification of Epidemiological Trends”,focussing on the opportunity […]

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Linked Data: Opportunities for SMEs – Why LinDA can stimulate new business models

Photo by ralphbijiker - flickr

Today’s information economy calls for enterprises and SMEs that are capable to rapidly extract valuable information from various data sources and transform them into intelligence in order to gain (or retain) their competitive advantage, forecast future conditions and transform themselves into intelligent based and information rich entities that are going beyond their traditional business practises, […]

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LinDA workshop at SEMANTICS 2014 – Final program

The program of the workshop organized by LinDA project in conjunction with the SEMANTiCS conference has been finalized. The workssop will be held on September 2nd, as part of the conference’s colocated events. The workshop, whose title is Linked Open Data: Improving SME Competitiveness and Generating New Value, aims at providing some of the key stakeholders in the field – namely […]

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