LinDA participated to the “XXXVIII Congresso dell’Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia” held in Naples on 5-7 November. The conference focus was the role of epidemiology in improving the planning,management and evaluation of the prevention programs to support the citizen’s wellbeing.
LinDA contributed with a poster “Linked Data Analytics for the Identification of Epidemiological Trends”,focussing on the opportunity given by the availability of data sources in the health and environmental sector and the production of advanced analytics to extract meaningful conclusions regarding the causes of specific diseases, to identify patterns with regards to frequency of incidents and their correlation with climate and geolocation data as well as to gain insight in future trends and proceed to better decision making.
LinDA presented the outcomes being developed in the project as a powerful workbench to analyze the correlation among the frequency and the type of occurrence of diseases in specific geographical areas with the environmental and pollution conditions in the area, taking into account the emergence of epidemiological characteristics in many cases.