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Posted at 03/04/2016
Posted at 11/27/2015
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Why Linked Data?
Linked Data is the recommended method of exposing and connecting data from different sources.
Read more for an introduction to Linked data with an example.
Use of URIs to access data
Schema-defying model
Interlinking of datasets
Why LinDA?
The power of Linked Data at the tip of your fingers
You don’t have to be an expert to use Linked Data anymore. Enjoy the massive power of Linked Data without the complexity and high learning curve of Linked Data.
All tools you will ever need in a box!
Tired of switching to dozens of technologies just to integrate two remote datasets and visualize them? Not anymore! LinDA has a seamless workflow between your data, your custom queries, a linked data visualization engine and an analytics engine. Link your business applications with LinDA’s entities, queries and tools at any time and step through APIs and SPARQL.
Interoperability in a flash!
LinDA makes your data interoperable by reconciliating against hundreds of popular / standardized vocabularies that are being updated. You can of course add your domain-specific vocabularies at your will!
Link with Public datasets in one click!
Interlink your data with any public linked data endpoint in a click!LinDA comes with an updated list of available, high quality public linked data stores but you can always add more on the fly!
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